Today is one of those PERFECT days to THANK YOU. I may even be a little too corny, but I’ll write this from the heart.
22 years ago I started for the first time, and that’s where I stayed. People who know me know that I have never stopped doing it, even if I don’t need to. Garotos on the beach for $500 when I was 3 years old (I think I was born with the soul of an entrepreneur). In my school, sweets, cookies, sandwiches, Arepas, Chocolates, Letters, papers, Essays.
At my university, desserts, gifts, underwear. Even in my childhood, how can I forget when a hole punch, a sheet of Foami, a needle and nylon were our allies to make handles and without hesitation or shame, we went door to door throughout the neighborhood to sell them, and INCREDIBLY we returned with nothing, among many other things, have completely marked my life, have always made me a woman with a lot of vision and I feel very proud of it; but although it sounds strange, I did not have a motivation, a goal, an objective, something that really moved my heart, for which I would give my soul and my life.
4 years ago, a thousand crazy ideas rained in my head, but I do not regret that they were, because that is where the best projects come from; I assure you!…
Four Seasons was born, with labels made in Word, different packaging, lids of all colors, but above all, with people who blindly trusted me, as well as others who unashamedly rejected me.

The first day I delivered the products, I went walking carrying a super heavy tula on my shoulder, meeting the people who had ordered me, I was super nervous but something told me that it would be a success.
At the beginning, I was crushed by the comments made to me. -And if that works? / -I’m afraid of that homemade stuff, who will answer me? / -Thank you very much, next time- / -I congratulate you, but I don’t take the risk- / -You better study, that won’t give you any results- / Etc.
And if I am honest with you, nowadays what makes me stronger and what I love most to hear, is to be told that I cannot do something, or that it is impossible to achieve; because it is my great engine to show that I can do everything, EVERYTHING!
I am not ashamed to say that I started in the kitchen of my house, with the blender of my house, the knife of my house, the funnel of my house, and everything you can imagine, and yes, from my house!
My capital was $100,000 closed and LOANED, so there are no excuses, you don’t need $10 million to start your own business.
Initially I carried out this idea to buy clothes with my own money, but I didn’t imagine that they would like the products enough to make a next production, a third, a tenth and at this moment thousands more. I took it as luck, but now I think of it as MAGIC! That’s where they let me know that I needed a MOTIVATION, a MOTOR, something to think about and to be my complete INSPIRATION; and without thinking twice they asked me: “Juliana, if you don’t go for everything, what are you going for?
From that moment on, I understood that my true talent is called DREAMING! Dreams are what keep us alive, a million dreams tickle my stomach and I will NEVER say no to them…. I envisioned an independent, confident, hard working woman; and from that moment on the growth in all aspects of my life was unmatched and unexplainable….. I felt completely grateful for what I had and excited for what was to follow. 
As time went by, people who had recommended the products came to me and I really couldn’t believe it; the word of mouth was spreading in an incredible way. Other people wanted me to sell wholesale, but what would I tell them if I didn’t have a fixed dynamic? I started to create strategies that would allow me to divide the profitability between me and them, and without thinking about it I said yes…
When I saw that little by little it was growing, I decided to change those labels for ones that gave a little more credibility, and to give an added value to the products by improving the formulas. It was the best, I was more than happy.
With the passing of time, I thought that I could not stagnate, I could not stay in the same thing for anything in the world; and I started to make a thousand tests… many formulas failed but that was never an obstacle to achieve the perfect mixture, the magic potion, to reach the one that would say FILL ME! I know I haven’t grown that fast, but what’s the use of having a portfolio of 30 products if they are all improvised; today I thought about it and tomorrow I launched it. NO AND NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO! In Four Seasons everything will always be with the highest quality standards and with too many tests before final approval, I am very demanding in that; I always want to deliver the best.
Then, I changed again the image (to which I owe even my life) that leaves in my company, my clients, my distributors and in all the people who trusted me, an immense footprint, with which we achieved a recognition and a positioning that will never end.
In this path I have seen everything, very rude people, rushed, incredulous, without sense of belonging, without love for what they do, demanding, hateful, VERY problematic, of heavy environments, critical, etc. (Do not throw in the towel for finding people like that, resist!) and I thank God that today they are not part of my company; that those who belong to it today, are respectful, dedicated, passionate, with love for what they offer, and that without any but, trust blindly… To those people who trust me, I want to tell them that everything is BECAUSE OF AND FOR THEM, today is the day to smile to those who doubted me and thank those who trusted me, today is the day to present a new face of Four Seasons, to show them what we have been building for months and years. ALL GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME!
Thanks to God, to life, to the universe. Thank you for allowing me to sow so many blessings and begin to reap the harvest.
Many times we ask God to send us or give us something. I only ask for health and life, because with my hands, my feet, my mouth, my eyes, my wisdom and my family, I can do it all. The reward for so much dedication, days and nights of work has arrived… but my reward is not money, my reward is to make millions of happy customers; for all of you I have only GRATITUDE.
Today I only wish that life continues to surprise us and that we never stop having a motivation in life.
Simply THANK YOU, because in every product you buy, you take a little piece of my heart.

Enjoy it, it’s especially for you.


In every product, down to the last drop; you’ll find an immense show of love.
The love you feel for Four Seasons is reflected in the product you get your hands on, you will LOVE it!

Delicacy, good wishes, blessings and respect is what you will always find in our attention to you, thank you for choosing us!


In each product that arrives to your home, the best raw materials are fused; those that without a doubt were carefully chosen to fulfill all your expectations.

At Four Seasons you will find beautiful packaging, designed ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. With environmental awareness and thinking in a proper reuse of them. Its material is PVC vinyl which is proven to be reprocessed in different products up to four times before becoming waste. And you, what use would you like to give to your favorite cases?